Manual Screen

Manual Projector Screen


  • i-View products satisfy the strictest quality and safety requirements in are CE approved Case (88x88mm) of steel with galvanized inner side and white (RAL 9016) powder-coated outside, fitted with impact resistant plastic end caps. Matte White S: double-sided laminated vinyl on a woven fiberglass support with black backing; gain 1.0, viewing angle 50º L/R, weight approx. 425 gr/m² and thickness approx. 0.34 mm. Square format (1:1) has a black border of 2.5 cm on left/right side. Video (4:3) and HDTV (16:9) formats have a wide black border all around of 5 cm. Synchronous Motor is Provided with 17 RPM (revolutions per minute) and 90 Watts


  • Manual Projector Screen Brochure


  • M150 Manual Screen 150x 150cms (80″ Digonal)
    M180 Manual Screen 180x 180cms (96″ Digonal)
    M200 Manual Screen 200x 200cms (112″ Digonal)
    M240 Manual Screen 240x240cms
    M300 Manual Screen 300x300cms
    M 86 Manual Wall Screen 172x130cms (86″ Digonal)
    M100 Manual Wall Screen 200x153cms (100″ Digonal)
    M120 Manual Wall Screen 240x180cms (120″ Diagonal)
    M150 Manual Wall Screen 300x220cms (150″ Diagonal)
    M100 Manual Wall Screen 100″ Diagonal Diagonal 16:9 format
    M120 Manual Wall Screen 120″ Diagona Diagonal 16:9 format