Floor Standing

Floor Standing Rack Cabinet

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  • i-View 19” rack cabinets are designed for high quality equipments and standards

    Most of Network Component manufacturers are able  fit their equipment in 19” wide Racks. The table and diagram on the following page outlines the compliance speciation in detail and provides a representation

     19” Rack Specication

    A rack’s mounting _xture consists of two parallel metal strips (referred to as “rails”) standing vertically. The rails are separated by a gap of 450 mm (17.72 inch) and are a minimum of 16.7 mm (0.657 inch) wide, giving an overall rack width of 482.6 mm or 19 inch, as the name suggests.

    The rails have holes at regular intervals, with both rails matching, so that each hole is part of a horizontal pair with a centre to centre distance of 465mm (18.3 inch). The holes are arranged vertically in repeating sets of three, with centre to centre separations of 12.7 mm

    (0.5 inch), 15.875 mm (0.625 inch) and 15.875 mm. The hole pattern repeats every 44.45 mm (1.75 inch). Racks are divided into regions that are 44.45 mm in height. Within this region commonly referred to as an “RU” or “U”, there are three complete hole pairs in a vertically symmetric pattern that are centered 6.4 mm (0.25 inch), 22.2 mm (0.875 inch) and 38.1mm (1.5 inch) from the

    top or bottom of the RU.


  • I-VIEW Networking Rack Cabinet Brochure 




  • W×D×H mm Capacity
    600×600×992 18U
    600×800×992 18U
    600×900×992 18U
    600×960×992 18U
    600×600×1081 22U
    600×800×1081 22U
    600×900×1081 22U
    600×960×1081 22U
    600×600×1303 27U
    600×800×1303 27U
    600×900×1303 27U
    600×960×1303 27U
    600×600×1525 32U
    600×800×1525 32U
    600×900×1525 32U
    600×960×1525 32U
    600×600×1748 42U
    600×800×1748 42U
    600×900×1748 42U
    600×960×1748 42U
    600×600×2192 47U
    600×800×2192 47U
    600×900×2192 47U
    600×960×2192 47U